LifeLongLove (my story in 15 chapters)

by JackBrown

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coming soon: Chapter 6 - Okay, so I met a girl. Now what?
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This collection of songs will unspool the saga of how JackBrown met a girl half a lifetime ago and how he almost blew a perfect thing.


released March 18, 2017

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JackBrown New York, New York

Jack Brown makes music and tells stories in New York City.

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Track Name: Where Do I Begin? (chapter 1 of LifeLongLove)
i’m gonna tell a story and it’s a good one too
i think the time has come
to sing about me & you, you & me
how we came to be
i wanna tell the tale and put all the good stuff in
but where do i begin?

after all this time it’s hard to remember now
just how this whole thing started
how it came about so long ago, many years ago
we’ve got an old love story that needs a fresh new spin
so where do i begin?

so i’m thinking back to our early days
but the memories are in a haze
what was i like before we met?
well, it’s been so long that i forget

i know that it’s not over, our best is yet to come
but i think it’ll do us good to remember where we came from
i’m going back, way way back
i’m gonna tell our story and feel it all again
I’ll be smart and use my art to chart out my heart
and I’ll start with the part before you come in

that’s where I’ll begin
so let’s just dive right in
now it’s time to
begin . . .
Track Name: Too Many Love Songs (Chapter 2 of LifeLongLove)
i was 17 when my best friend came to me and said
“do you think that some day you’ll fall in love?
will you end up getting married, pushing babies in a carriage?
can you ever see yourself all grown-up?”

and i said: i don’t think about it but i could live without it
who says that’s how life is supposed to go?
i know you believe that “love is all you need”
‘cause you listen TOO much to the radio

you’ve heard too many love songs
they’re filling your head
you’ve heard too many love songs my friend
i’m not ready yet

i won’t be tied down
i won’t lose myself
my life won’t be bound
to someone else

think of all those cheesy movies and silver screen beauties saying,
“now that I’ve found you, my life’s complete”
we know it’s fabricated or at least exaggerated
they’re selling the same old lame fantasy

you've heard too many love songs
they can’t all be true
you’ve heard too many love songs, my friend
it's fine for you

but i won’t be tied down
i won’t lose myself
my life won’t be bound
to someone else
i don’t wanna drown
in some wishing well
my life won't be bound
to someone else

i sound like i’m a cynic but hang on just a minute
it was all a future scene that i couldn’t see
i never said ‘never’ but, love? come on whatever
it was last thing on my mind when i was 17
when i was 17
Track Name: Romeo? (Chapter 3 of LifeLongLove)
okay, here’s the opening scene
sophomore year, my first week
a girl gives me the eye
and the sparks begin to fly

so we start to run around
try to find some common ground
but the more that we hang out
the more i start to doubt

she looks great but underneath
this gorgeous girl is a drama queen
she’s the type who always gets her way
and she’s got a part she wants me to play
but do I wanna be
her romeo?

oh she’s got a certain charm
probably someday be a star
she puts it on display
like ‘all the world’s her stage’

and at first i’m way impressed
with how she looks (and all the rest)
but then it dawns on me
this could become a tragedy

she looks good but underneath
this pretty girl is a drama queen
and my only role in her little show
is to sit around basking in her golden glow
so do I wanna be
her romeo?

so my feelings break open like a thunderstorm
in the final scene I’m knocking at her door
i say, “i’ll put this in a way you can get:
honey, you’ll never be my Juliet!
‘cause i don't wanna
be your Romeo”
Track Name: Then I Dated a Songwriter (Chapter 4 of LifeLongLove)
you just looked in my eyes and said,
“it seems like something’s wrong”
so now you’re off to write
another heart-breaking song
and i’ve seen this before
you get bored so you start a tug-of-war
this phenomenon is a little odd
it’s . . . it’s relational sabotage

i just looked in your eyes
and the penny finally dropped
yeah, it’s taken awhile but now I am catching on
you tear things apart, you make it hard
so you can suffer for your art
but it’s a crock, yeah it’s a con
it’s relational sabotage
‘cause you’re the type
who needs some drama every night
yeah, you go and pick a fight
so you can write about love gone wrong

oh you sing about pain and rejection and hurt
but all your inspiration leaves me in the dirt
and it’s easy to see
it’s not me who’s to blame for this misery
you bring it on and then camouflage
your relational sabotage
‘cause you’re the type
who needs some drama every night
yeah, you go and pick a fight
just so you can write about love gone wrong

now you wanna make up
well that’s tough ‘cause i have had enough
i swear to god, you gotta stop
this relational sabotage
okay, alright
you want some drama here tonight?
you can write another song
about love going wrong
because now i’m gone
go and write another song
about love going wrong
because now i’m gone
Track Name: Crushed (chapter 5 of LifeLongLove)
i walk through the door at the record store
and i see her there
the girl who runs the place has such a face
that i stop and stare
she’s so attractive
one look and i am crushed
she’s radio-active
rock & roll pixie dust
she could change my life from Lo-Fi to stereo

oh no -- she is way too much
oh no -- don’t wanna say too much but
one look at her and i am crushed

i try to catch her eye but i’m feeling shy
and i blow my chance
so i look for my disc but i have to risk
just one more glance
she’s so attractive
i sneak a peek and i am crushed
she seems distracted
i don’t how we’ll hook up
but if it’s meant to be, i’m gonna meet this dynamo

oh no -- she is way too much
oh no -- i can’t say too much ‘cause
my tongue is tied and my heart is crushed

she walks up to me and i get to see
her pop-rock smile
the cd in my hand is her favorite band
she says, “I like your style”
she’s so attractive
one word and i am crushed
we interact
and i think i see her blush
now it's the first time in my life
i feel like i could play Romeo

oh no -- girl, you are way too much
oh no -- forgive me if i say too much but
one look at you and i was